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Did you know that half of all businesses still do not have a web site?

And research shows 93% of those who do are so poorly designed that they provide little or no financial benefit to the company.

So chances are you fall in to one of the two categories:

1. Your business does not have a web site.
2. The web site you have is not supporting your business potential.

As consumers, when we hear about a new product, service or company we often turn to the internet for additional information.

Thus, as a business your web site is both vital to your success and to many potential clients, serves as a first impression.

It is no surprise that a poorly designed web site can often times create the impression of an under-established business and possibly turn away potential new clients.

The Origins of Poor Web Design

Unknowingly, many businesses purchase a web site design that comes from slightly altered, pre-established templates.

These "cookie cutter" web sites are ineffectively designed, highly overpriced and prove to be little benefit. The results can lead to poor first impressions for many businesses.

Another source of poor web design is often derived from an internal employee.

Some employees may be knowledgeable enough to help the company create a web site, but inexperienced in the effective and continual management and marketing this type of 'online presence' warrants.

Typically, these ventures are hastily forgotten and the web site's effectiveness quickly fades.

The eRenovation Difference

At eRenovation we scoff at templates and take pleasure in the custom design of our client's web sites.

We pride ourselves in creating custom web site designs, custom navigation schemes, custom site architectures and ecommerce platforms using over 7 years of Award Winning experience in web site design specifically within the advertising and marketing industry. We also offer search engine optimization, application integration, web site renovation, and hosting services. This means as a client you get our technical expertise as well as our marketing and advertising talents.

eRenovation is committed to the possibility of small to mid-sized businesses obtaining creative, functional, custom designed web sites that fulfill our client's objectives. We believe that small to mid-sized businesses can leverage the internet just as effectively as any large corporation given the right focus and guidance.

Honesty, Integrity and Creativity are at the core of what makes eRenovation pulse.

Contact Us Today for a Personal Quote!

A personal quote includes a personal visit or phone meeting between the lead web designer and the client to discuss web site design objectives and usage goals.

This meeting is then followed by a full web site evaluation resulting in a custom quote.

We invest this time at no cost or obligation to the prospective client because we believe in bringing the human experience back into technology.

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